Tadnir l.t.d is a family business that produces,  prints and sells plastic packaging, was established in the 1960's. 

 the company began producing thermoset products and advanced to production and development of plastic packaging in the injection technology in the 1980's.

The Technology used by tadnir company is based on the raw materials polypropylene and polyethylene that suits to the requirements of the food industry.

Tadnir Company's plastic packaging maintain their durability in freezing and microwave heating and possesses high mechanical strength.

In addition you can print on a wide variety of products in six colors or use Sleeving.

All these facts makes tadnir company products ideal for all food industry sector, especially to store and transport food and hygiene products.

Tadnir company gives top priority to client care and is ready to provide various solutions for unique applications by developing new products. 



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